Sunday, October 6, 2013

How mobile has changed my life

Not a day goes by without something new from Apple, Samsung,Google, Microsoft and other tech companies releasing new products for mobile. Even enterprise software companies are seriously investing in new apps for mobile.
So I would like to share how mobility has changed my life. To begin, I am writing this blog post using the Blogger app on my Sony tablet S. For those of you who haven't held one, you are missing a unique take at how a tablet can be held. Its design makes holding a 10 inch tablet a lot easier. To me, it was always irritating to have to go to my desk or put a bulky laptop on my lap to access my email or do anything productive. Now, I am able to compose an entire document, work on my email all relaxing on my couch.

Next, I also own a smartphone. While traveling, I was always challenged directionally and usually ended up with a GPS with outdated maps. Upgrading seemed like a tedious process for me. I also got tired of listening to the same songs on my CD collection and wanted to listen to something new all the time. Now, with a smartphone, I can use apps like Pandora or Tune-In for constant non stop entertainment. So now as to my phone, I enjoy a nexus 4 as it is no contract and gives me freedom to choose between ATT or T-mobile with no commitments.  I also like the 4.7 inch size as it is a good compromise helping you read emails easily and also easily hold it up to your ear when talking. Another benefit to me is when traveling to new destinations, it is so helpful to use apps such as Google Maps/Local to get reviews of local restaurants.  Lastly, with a $50 unlimited plan, the cost to me over two years is only roughly $1500, which is a lot less compared to what one pays with the usual for-contract plans.

So there you have it, mobile has certainly changed mine and many of your lives and is a reality and not just a hype.